Bottega Strozzi a Palazzo Strozzi


Bottega Strozzi, uno spazio per l’arte contemporanea.

Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi, 50123 Firenze

tel. +39 055 2696334

Bottega Strozzi is a space divided into three rooms, designed by the firm _apml | Architetti Pedron / La Tegola. The minimalist exhibition design, with airy wooden shelves, shows the Renaissance environments to best advantage and interacts with the original multi-point lighting system.

The main room is dedicated to contemporary creativity, with a selection of high-quality objects that, like books, tell stories. The pieces are distinguished by their concept, the materials used, the originality of the production processes, the unprecedented intersections between craftsmanship, design and self-made. Environmental sustainability is a central aspect in the search for suppliers and products.

The Books room is an art bookshop with books in Italian and in other languages. The focus is on contemporary languages and forms, but there are also books of fiction, non-fiction and handbooks, as well as publications that deal with the themes of the current exhibitions. There is a particular focus on independent publishers. Thanks to the flexibility of the layout, this space can be turned into a meeting room, with the possibility of hosting book presentations, conferences, courses, events and exhibitions.

The Kids room is a welcoming space dedicated to imagination: arrayed under the colourful cacti that decorate the walls are books for children, picture books, gift ideas, gadgets, thoughtful games about art and more.

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