Art for Tomorrow

Palazzo Diedo, Venice
The Democracy & Culture Foundation
5th - 7th of June, 2024

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The Democracy & Culture Foundation announces the 2024 edition of Art for Tomorrow, entitled Imperfect Beauty, which will take place from 5 to 7 June in Venice. The program of meetings will be held at Palazzo Diedo, home of the Berggruen Institute, recently restored, and will focus on the complexity that the concept of beauty implies today, in contemporary society, starting from a reflection on a fragile reality like that of Venice.

The “floating city” will be, in this perspective, the ideal theater to face a wide debate on urgent issues such as overtourism, the climate crisis and cultural identity. How can cities and cultural sites preserve their heritage in the face of pressure from mass tourism? What measures can museums take to stem the effects of the climate crisis? How can the arts help bridge cultural and political gaps? These are just some of the reflections that will be addressed during the three days of the meeting.

Art for Tomorrow 2024 presents a program articulated with plenary sessions, moderated by authoritative journalists of the New York Times, while offering cultural visits to iconic or precious and hidden places in Venice.

The main topics covered are:

  • Sustainability and beauty pitfalls. Deepening the challenges that Venice must face to preserve its cultural heritage: overtourism and rising sea levels, also caused by climate change.

  • Architecture for the good. Explore the transformative potential of architecture in addressing social issues such as inequality, accessibility, and sustainability.

  • Identity crisis: museums in their context. Examine the role museums play in identifying and communicating the specific concerns of individual target communities, overcoming mainstream storytelling.

  • Cultivating creativity: deepening the challenges faced by emerging artists and designers to transform their creations into real entrepreneurial initiatives.

Luca De Michelis, CEO Marsilio publishers and Marsilio Arte, participated in the talk “AI and Creativity: Revolution or Disruption?”.

You can watch the panel here, from minute 7:00 👇

«We are excited to announce the theme “Imperfect Beauty” of Art for Tomorrow 2024, which offers participants the opportunity for an important discussion through a unique platform to examine the transformative power of art and culture»

Achilles Tsaltas, president of The Democracy & Culture Foundation
Those enrolled in the program will also have the opportunity to interact with numerous leading figures on the international art scene, including artists Urs Fischer, Thiis Biersteker and Giulia Andreani, the president of the Museums of Qatar, Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Philippe Starck, the art market economist, Magnus Resch and many others.

Registration is open for those wishing to attend the event, which takes place behind closed doors. Tickets available on artfortomorrow.org.

Marsilio Arte supports Art for Tomorrow 2024 in the organization of the event.


AI and Creativity: Revolution or Disruption?

Friday, 7th of June 2024, from 10:10 to 10:50

Art for Tomorrow Talk

In recent months, artificial intelligence has been advancing at an exponential rate. Some creative minds are celebrating how generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Synthesia can help power their work. At the same time, the tools make it easy for anyone to become a content creator, potentially saturating an already crowded field and raising questions about where technology ends and art begins. We bring together a group of experts to explore how AI is reshaping the creative landscape, and the threats and opportunities it poses to creators.

Daniel Birnbaum, Artistic Director, Acute Art
Marcello Dantas, Director, SFER-IK Museion, Tulum, Mexico
Freya Salway, Head of the Lab, Google Arts and Culture
Luca De Michelis, C.E.O., Marsilio Editori and Marsilio Arte

Moderated by Pamela Paul, Columnist, The New York Times

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